• We provide the best service to our customers and sell goods and services of high quality.
  • Experience and success of our partners motivate us to develop ourselves and use latest technologies. 
  • Following these principals we invest our income first of all to develop our customers and professional growth of our human resources.

Company's values 

- to be pride of being an employee of Mazarina LLC
- self-development and improvement of professional and personal level
- building fair and transparent relations.

- get more, with less resources

Criteria of relations with customer:
- respect
- support when company achieve the goal. 

Company's strategy
To become the biggest operator in distribution and logistic market of Azerbaijan, and significant local importer of Azerbaijan in 2016, through:

  • developed logistic infrastructure, based on latest technologies, oriented to the high level of service and quality.
  • usage of innovative IT technologies in wide scale for distribution, logistics and in store support of sales.
  • professional and motivated, loyal team, targeted to the result.