The sale of goods provided by Mazarina LLC to Azerbaijan Market is carried out by sales team of Mazarina LLC. 

The main goal is to increase sales volume and market share through maximum rate of distribution and high efficiency of labor organizing.


  • provide maximum control over the distribution
  • aspiration to  increase efficiency, while decreasing expenses. 
  • achieve and save the leading position in all spheres of maintained market.
  • systemic and planned work on the basis of valid business process. focus on the chain markets and direct delivery to trade point

Main principals of distribution:

Currently the part of goods is delivered to retailer directly from warehouse of company, another part is delivered from branches -regional representations of company
the main goal is to decrease links between in supply chain from producer to consumer.  this process will help to enhance control on sales.  
retail sale from warehouse, or through exclusive sales team is main priority for distribution. 


Main figure of business - whole and quality meeting of requirements of customer. under the conditions of intense competition, company provides:

  • wide presence of goods of Mazarina LLC's portfolio in retail.
  • right price policy
  • support of attractiveness of goods, through marketing and merchandising. 

Logistics of sales:

delivery to branches, and markets are done by own vehicles.